David Gorton,
Chief Investment Officer

David has over 30 years of trading experience, having begun his trading career in 1986 at Chemical Bank as a market maker in bonds and forward rate agreements.

He joined HSBC in 1989, subsequently becoming Executive VP and Chief Dealer in the US, where he was responsible for all interest rate derivative trading, balance sheet management and proprietary trading in government bonds.

In 1997, David joined Chase Manhattan to become CIO of Chase London Diversified Fund Limited and Head of Proprietary Trading for the European Rates division.

In 2002, he left JP Morgan Chase to establish DG Partners.

Our History

DG Partners was founded in 2002.

The firm provides investment management services to professional clients pursuing global macro and systematic trading strategies.

The firm began as a discretionary global macro business before expanding into systematic trading in 2006.

In October 2010, David Gorton established BH-DG Systematic Trading LLP ("BH-DG") as a joint venture with Brevan Howard to further develop and grow the systematic trading business.

DG Partners and BH-DG continue to work closely together operationally, sharing a number of staff and clients.

DG Partners focuses on fixed-income, futures and FX markets with a strong emphasis on liquidity, risk control and investor transparency.

Our Affiliates
DG Partners US, LLC ("DGUS")
DGUS was established in 2018 in the United States. It provides marketing and placement services to DG Partners and BH-DG.

BH-DG Systematic Trading LLP ("BH-DG")
BH-DG was established in 2010 in London, UK. It is part of a joint venture between David Gorton and Brevan Howard established to pursue systematic trading strategies.

BH-DG focuses on futures and FX with a strong emphasis on liquidity, risk control and research combined with real world trading experience.