We value honesty, consistency and accuracy in our teams.

We also expect our personnel to act in an ethical and principled way.

Robust governance is important to us. Whilst technology is a powerful tool, we believe it does not replace or reduce the requirement for rigorous human oversight. Our Risk Committees and Board operate on this basis.

We also recognise that specific investors may have particular goals and accordingly we offer customisation to help them maintain the integrity of their own approach.
We strive for excellence, whilst recognising the importance of humility in doing so.

This attitude underlies our firm’s culture.

We encourage our teams to collaborate across all disciplines to ensure our clients’ goals are achieved in the most efficient manner.
The investor is paramount.

Our strong emphasis on liquidity, risk control and investor transparency is driven by this belief.

We offer informative and detailed reporting, supplemented by a highly responsive approach to investor queries, whilst promoting an "open-door policy" for investors and prospective investors to visit us and meet with the team.